Custom Programming Solutions

Custom Programming Solutions

Customization is the focus of the programming technicians at MIS. We recognize the importance of high-quality, customized programs for business use. Our staff is comprised of programmers who are well verse in Visual FoxPro, Cold Fusion, SQL, and .NET programmers, We are confident that we can handle all of your company’s programming needs with ease.

Our dedicated group of developers will assist your company by offering custom programming solutions that will benefit your company. Our in-house development team can customize a solution designed for the way you do business. Whether it is a matter of adding new fields, changing screen layouts or providing special processing logic, our programming experts will work with your staff to help you to better manage your establishment.

  • Bank Interface System
  • Interface between ACCPAC System and Other systems.
  • Order Entry BOM System
  • Product Inquiry System
  • Item Master
  • Pricelist Category System
  • Purchase Order System
  • Single and Mixed Price System

Bank Interface System
The system will retrieve the invoice and credit note information from the Account receivable in the ACCPAC system and then transfer it as a flat file into the Bank system like DBS, Standard Chartered Bank. (The flat file format is based on the Bank format).

Interface between ACCPAC System and Other systems.
The program is able to transfer the purchase order, order entry, receipt information from the other system into the ACCPAC system. Interface  can be done by automatically (scheduled) or manually by user.

Order Entry BOM System
The system will automatically list all the component items when the user enter the BOM Item (bills of material). This will more efficient for the user.

Product Inquiry System
This program will help the user to make inquiries about invoice and credit information by customer, item number and location basis. Order inquires are also available.

Item Master
The system is able to create the paid item number automatically when the user create the free item number. It provides the lot option in the item master screen itself.

Pricelist Category System
The program is capable of handling the pricelist category in the item pricing based on the item number, pricelist, currency basis.

Purchase Order System
This software will increase the purchase order revision count for the subsequent post and all the data will be maintained outside the ACCPAC system. Once the PO is confirmed then it will be transferred into the ACCPAC purchase order system.

Single and Mixed Price System
The system is capable of creating the AR invoice of Sales for single and mixed price.

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