Free up vital resources to concentrate on your core business and leave your day to day IT needs and supports to our efficient technical team.

We provide seamless support with our helpdesk and on-site support services.

In short, our team represents you in resolving all your IT issues.

We provide IT engineer for Local and overseas projects deployment. Specialized in marine, oil rig and related oil & gas industries.

  • Disaster Data Recovery of Server, Desktop and Laptop.
  • Ad-hoc Service provision for any corporate IT issues.

Networks come in all shapes and sizes. We can help you share a printer between two PCs or we can design large and complex Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

Whether you have one office or many sites we can provide advice, design, install and support the network that meets your needs.Outsourcing your network installation, maintenance and technical assistance to MIS liberated you of unwarranted overheads and maintenance costs.

Our Services Include:

  • Local and Wide Area Networking IntegrationLocal and Wide Area Networking Integration
  • Existing Network Reengineering
  • Network and Computer Troubleshooting
  • Complete Desktop Support, Hardware, OS & Office Applications
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Exchange Server Migrations
  • Complete Wireless Network Solutions
  • Terminal Based Services/Remote Access/VPN Solutions
  • Network Security and Intrusion Detection
  • Complete Data and Power Redundant Solutions
  • Site Analysis and Documentation
  • Complete IT Support Agreements

Customization is the focus of the programming technicians at MIS. We recognize the importance of high-quality, customized programs for business use. Our staff is comprised of programmers who are well verse in Visual FoxPro, Cold Fusion, SQL, and .NET programmers, We are confident that we can handle all of your company’s programming needs with ease.

Our dedicated group of developers will assist your company by offering custom programming solutions that will benefit your company. Our in-house development team can customize a solution designed for the way you do business. Whether it is a matter of adding new fields, changing screen layouts or providing special processing logic, our programming experts will work with your staff to help you to better manage your establishment.

  • Bank Interface System
  • Interface between ACCPAC System and Other systems.
  • Order Entry BOM System
  • Product Inquiry System
  • Item Master
  • Pricelist Category System
  • Purchase Order System
  • Single and Mixed Price System

Bank Interface System
The system will retrieve the invoice and credit note information from the Account receivable in the ACCPAC system and then transfer it as a flat file into the Bank system like DBS, Standard Chartered Bank. (The flat file format is based on the Bank format).

Interface between ACCPAC System and Other systems.
The program is able to transfer the purchase order, order entry, receipt information from the other system into the ACCPAC system. Interface  can be done by automatically (scheduled) or manually by user.

Order Entry BOM System
The system will automatically list all the component items when the user enter the BOM Item (bills of material). This will more efficient for the user.

Product Inquiry System
This program will help the user to make inquiries about invoice and credit information by customer, item number and location basis. Order inquires are also available.

Item Master
The system is able to create the paid item number automatically when the user create the free item number. It provides the lot option in the item master screen itself.

Pricelist Category System
The program is capable of handling the pricelist category in the item pricing based on the item number, pricelist, currency basis.

Purchase Order System
This software will increase the purchase order revision count for the subsequent post and all the data will be maintained outside the ACCPAC system. Once the PO is confirmed then it will be transferred into the ACCPAC purchase order system.

Single and Mixed Price System
The system is capable of creating the AR invoice of Sales for single and mixed price.

Our extensive experience in providing customized reporting to meet your specifications allows you to maximize your information technology investment. Specialized reporting reduces the time involved in getting mission critical information into the hands of decision makers.

  • Get the information you need in the format you want it.
  • Eliminate the need to prepare manual reports and schedules.
  • Port information to spreadsheets and databases instantly

A major part of any successful implementation of any software system is to adequately train your staff on its use. The more your staff knows about the product, the greater the value it can provide for business. Your accounting and operations staff will be trained on each module in specific areas related to the day-to-day operations of your business. Each module’s training time ranges from half day up to several days of training, averaging at a day per module. Upon completion of the training cycle, our consultants will concentrate on the fine-tuning of daily procedures necessary in order for staff to work more efficiently and effectively. Our training is designed to make you and your staffs feel comfortable and confident of all your newly installed software. We are Registered Training Provider with SDF EasyNet for Skills Development Fund (SDF), therefore we will be able to assist you to obtain funds for your training.

To compete successfully in today’s challenging business climate, organizations must enable more efficient ways for information workers to communicate and collaborate. E-mail is currently the most widely used collaborative technology. E-mail Server enables personnel to gain access to critical business communications almost whenever and wherever they need to and is designed to deliver greater security, availability, and reliability

Your connection to the outside business world is also the channel for others to access you own network. The increasing level of complexity comes with a need for highly skilled professionals to ensure you maximize your business opportunity and minimize the risk of exposure to intrusion into your own systems.

Many different types of bugs and viruses can wreak havoc on computer systems. Such attacks cause vital data to be lost, privacy to be violated, and several hours (or even days) of network downtime. Your corporation should not suffer the debilitating consequences of such computer sabotage.

MIS can help you implement all-encompassing preventative measures that will not only fortify each computer our solutions will aid in the protection of your network. MIS can provide information regarding the importance of keeping private data confidential, networks safe, and desktops secure. Our specialists will work to propose and help you deploy company-wide security standards.

  • Internet vulnerabilityInternet vulnerability
  • Firewall Intrusion and Detection solutions
  • Secure Virtual Private Network Implementation
  • Mail Hosting and Management
  • Web Hosting and Management

The trained professionals at MIS can build you a simple computer to fit your exact needs or can create an entire network that ensures your business is running properly.

We are an authorized dealer Hewlett Packard. Furthermore, we can make recommendations for Cisco, Intel processors, and 3Com products, depending upon the needs of your company. As such, we are able to provide all computer related products at very competitive prices. Some of these products include:

  • Workstation
  • Laptop
  • Server
  • Printer
  • Surveillance Camera
  • Project Implementation ManagementProject Implementation Management
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Managed Hardware/Software configuration for roll outs
  • Business System Selection Assistance
  • Maintenance Contracts, Installation and Support.

Microbit Information Systems have a wide variety of services that can be tailored to meet the business requirements of any industry; ranging from small to large businesses.

Infrastructure and Network Solutions

Implementation of a network infrastructure requires careful and intense planning. This is to ensure that the network infrastructure is efficient and scalable. If the right network infrastructure is implemented for a company, redundant cost can be reduced.

In Microbit Information Systems, we provide various kinds of network infrastructure designs that will meet your requirements. If you do have an existing network infrastructure, we will go on-site, identify the weaknesses in the current design and provide suggestions for a network re-engineering work. And to assist in the upgrade of hardware and software components in the network, our skilled engineers are also able to do a data migration or application migration or even both.

Risk Management

Risk management is having measures in place to protect the network from security risks. If such measures are not implemented, malicious attacks to the network can occur as well as theft of confidential data. These could cause unnecessary disruptions to the business and therefore create huge losses to the company.

As risk management is a daunting task to many, we at Microbit Information Systems are able to provide various solutions that are able to help safeguard your computers. We provide firewall, antivirus and intrusion detection solutions in order to minimize the risks of unauthorized access to your computers.

IT Support

IT support is providing maintenance of the hardware and software components in the network. This ensures that every component in the network is updated and is working at its optimal. Therefore, an improved network environment would mean users are able to perform their tasks effectively.

IT support is an imperative role in any business. At Microbit Information Systems, we provide various types of IT support that will meet your needs. We provide phone support services, remote desktop support services and on-site support services.

Phone support services: Engineers are on stand-by to assist you at any time via the phone.

Remote desktop support services: Engineers will assist you from office whenever possible.

On-site support services: Engineers will go down to your office to assist you when necessary.

IT Engineering Outsourcing

IT engineering outsourcing is providing services to manage the IT operations in the company. Hence, this enables you to focus on the more important business processes and at the same time reduce operational costs.

We, at Microbit Information Systems, are able to provide many IT services that will cater to your needs. Some of the services that we are able to provide are planning as well as implementation of the network infrastructure, risk management and support.

Maintenance Contract

Maintenance contract is an agreement to cover the maintenance of the product or service purchased based on your business needs. The agreement will specify the expectations, timeline and price of the maintenance. The following consists of a list of features in a maintenance contract.

Block time: Block time refers to the allocated amount of hours of maintenance to be requested by the user, when it is a non-emergency. This would make perfect sense for user who would like assistance when faced with a problem during migration as well as implementation of on-going projects.

Tailored support: The services provided would be based on your business requirements. The services will include telephone support with fast callback (by per incident) and onsite consulting time (prepaid).


  • System/Network Design and Engineering
  • Server migration
  • Data and network structure cabling
  • Server UPS implementation
  • Equipment rack setup


  • Win 2008 Server
  • Tape Backup Server
  • Exchange Mail Server
  • Email Security Appliances
  • Firewall appliances
  • Network Storage Server implementation etc…
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